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December, 2005

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    Moving to Software Factories

    Here’s an excerpt from an article that Keith and I wrote some time ago. Total global demand for software will grow by an order of magnitude over the next decade, driven by new forces in the global economy like the growing role of software in social...
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    Software Factories Applied

    Keith Short , Mauro Regio and I have agreed to write a new book called Software Factories Applied. Our goal is to write a short book for practitioners that complements the theoretical foundation established in the original Software Factories book by showing...
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    OOPSLA 2005 Recap

    Keith Short has already written a post that provides an overview our activities at OOPSLA 2005 . Here is a compendium of my activities at the conference. On Sunday, 10/16, I hosted a full day tutorial on Software Factories with Steve Cook . ...
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