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April, 2010

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    How to Use OData for SQL Azure with AppFabric Access Control


    While developers can build and deploy custom OData based services to expose data from SQL Azure, other data sources, the OData Portal and Service provide OData access to SQL Azure through simple configuration.

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    Silverlight Samples for OData Over SQL Azure

    How to build a Silverlight client for the OData Service for SQL Azure, and how to build a service that validates Secure Web Tokens (SWTs) issued by AppFabric Access Control...
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    Silverlight Clients and AppFabric Access Control

    The Silverlight behavior is designed to prevent cross site attacks in which request headers on a POST could be redirected to unknown domains. Clearly, this is preferable to the .NET framework behavior, which puts the client at risk. However, the HTTP specification says that in the case of a 301 or 303 response code, the user agent should not redirect the request without explicit permission from the user, unless the request is either a GET or HEAD, for precisely this reason. So, according to the specification, neither behavior is correct....
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