I had my first DevDays experience today, presenting at the Chicago DevDays event.  I had the opportunity to present the 3rd session on web security and close the gap on the threats presented in the 2nd session by demonstrating how to secure and lockdown web applications.  There was a lot of excitement and energy in the crowd, as they seemed very eager to learn how to protect their applications after seeing some of the somewhat intimidating demos of the 2nd session.

Getting a chance to work closely with the other presenters was a great experience as well.  They all came from such diverse backgrounds, with different skills, that I felt very privileged to be able to present alongside them.

I also heard that as of today, we have had the largest turnout of any DevDays event yet - a little district pride going on!  :-)

If you had the opportunity to attend the Chicago DevDays event, or another DevDays, feel free to post a response with what you enjoyed and how you feel we could improve the event further.

Happy coding,