On March 25, Cubby Bear North in Lincolnshire, IL was home to the Midwest district's first MSDN-sponsored .NET Pub Club.  Several attendees of the Lincolnshire MSDN event came out afterward to continue several threads of discussion over some brews and appetizers.  We also had the pleasure of a visit from the TechNet manager Stacey Copeland, who happily participated in the conversations despite being the IT Pro in a developer camp :-)  All in all, it was a great opportunity to talk shop in a relaxed environment.

Upcoming Pub Clubs in our district:

4/15 – Rock Bottom Brewery (740 N Plankinton Ave, Milwaukee, WI)

            Following the Milwaukee MSDN event at 5:15 PM

5/13 – Cubby Bear North (21611 Milwaukee Ave, Deerfield, IL)

            Following the Lincolnshire MSDN event at 5:15 PM

Developers may be wondering how they can get a .NET Pub Club in their city within my district of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.  Here's how: when registration for the MSDN event exceeds 100 active attendees, I'll throw a .NET Pub Club for the attendees of the event.  To register for our events, visit http://www.msdnevents.com.

Happy Coding,