I had the opportunity to present on Web Services Enhancements 2.0 today for an IS class at the UW-Madison School of Business.  It was bright and early by college standards - class started at 9:30 - so I can appreciate that the students were a bit slow to ask questions at first.  Once I broke the ice with a short exercise, they livened up quite a bit, asking me questions ranging from explaining some slides in more depth to what life was like working at Microsoft.  One student even asked about the robot wedding photographer that I helped develop for SIGGRAPH 2002 (http://www.cs.wustl.edu/MediaAndMachines/Lewis/).

It's funny how the combination of being in a classroom surrounded by students and talking about a past college research project just brought memories flooding back to me.  After the seminar, I walked around campus with my hosting professor and it felt amazingly good to be back on a college campus.  As the classes dismissed, the sidewalks and streets became a crowded melee of limbs propelling eager minds on to their next class, lunch, or whatever other destination they had in store.

As my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Grover is well aware, I was never good at conclusions, so I'll just end this thought here.