So I just got back from Vegas.  I was on a 3 day trip there, taking a little vacation time to relax.  I was playing craps at Luxor with guys who had double my bankroll on the table for each roll - really puts things in perspective.  Vegas is a nerd's paradise!  All the opportunities to calculate odds and determine risk/reward ratios... I was definitely in my element.

I was with my college buddy Alex.  He and I have gone on a number of trips together and each one is more fun than the last.  Before the trip, we were debating the merits of seeing a magic show, like Lance Burton, or a cabaret of showgirls, like Folies Bergere.  Well, we were able to kill 2 birds with one stone at a show aptly dubbed “Showgirls of Magic”.  Tickets were $34, which gave us VIP seats and free drinks.  It was not Cirque du Soleil or Siegfried and Roy, but it was time well spent and we had a good time.

The best time of the whole trip, however, had to have been on our final day there.  We went to Excalibur and decided to play a few hands of blackjack.  I'm not sure whether it was lack of sleep or just “last day in town” giddiness, but we were off the wall.  Alex doubled down on a blackjack and pulled paint to win (FYI: he was betting $5, which would have paid 3-2 on the BJ, whereas doubling down was more than risky and only netted him an additional $2.50).  We also felt obliged to play a game called “Casino War”.  Much like the childhood card game where you repeatedly flipped cards and collected the cards you won as part of your “army”, you could play a similar game against the House.  After a bit of game time, we realized that it was easily the biggest sucker bet in the house, but at least we can say that we played War in Vegas, which offers moderate satisfaction :-)

For the price we paid, Luxor was a very nice hotel.  I feel qualified to make that statement, as I have stayed at 28+ hotels to date this calendar year.  I highly recommend staying there if you do make it out to Vegas.  What I don't recommend, however, is taking the red eye either into or out of Vegas.  I arrived in Vegas Saturday night at 11:30 PM and flew out on Wednesday (today) at 12:50 AM - as if living the high life in Vegas wasn't draining enough, those flights took a lot out of me.

I played a bit of blackjack and Hold 'Em, but I've developed a new affinity for craps.  The excitement of the crowd as the shooter makes points and sevens out is a roller coaster ride in which you can either make or break your bankroll.

So long for now,