At yesterday's Indianapolis event, an attendee asked me about localizing reports with Reporting Services.  Not having had the pressing need to create reports in multiple languages, I didn't have an immediate answer for him, but, in the process of looking into another feature, I discovered several folders within the Reporting Services directory structure with titles like 'en' and 'de'.  Since these looked suspiciously like culture codes, I decided to do a bit more research into this.  Here's what I found:

Host: Brian (Microsoft)
Q: How does it Support Multilingual Reports?

A: Reporting Services is fully localized, which means you can write reports in any language. We do not provide "dynamic" report localization.


This comment only further piqued my curiosity.  I was able to find this article on the MSDN site which explains how you could have a Japanese report on a French report server -

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