I consider myself a Nerd (yes, with a capital “N”).  I have always been enamored with technology, and especially computers.  With this enthusiasm, however, comes great responsibility.  The concept of “six degrees of separation” is no better demonstrated than by those who call me for computer help.  Just today in fact, my sister's husband's friend called me because she thought she had a virus - turned out to be the “smartsecurity” false desktop (fix posted here).

Later today, I received an email from a colleague with a website for addressing just such situations, and I would like to share it with you - http://protect.microsoft.com/security/protect/WSA/en/default.asp.  By simply clicking on a button, your friends and family can have their computer automatically set to receive updates like Windows XP Service Pack 2 and also have their Internet Connection Firewall turned on to shield them from Internet traffic.