I had my first week of events with this quarter's MSDN content this past week.  I have to admit that I think the content is really cool stuff - InfoPath with service pack 1 and managed code, ASP.NET Custom Web Control development, and, of course, ASP.NET 2.0 overview.  Each session provides something unique and different for developers, but I found that the content was viewed quite differently by the two audiences to whom I presented.  Of course, everyone seemed to overwhelmingly enjoy the ASP.NET 2.0 preview, and the custom control content was fairly well accepted, but the InfoPath material seemed to fall short in Chicago, despite its popularity in South Bend.

My Tuesday event was in South Bend and I saw several friendly faces from the previous night's MADNUG meeting, in which I presented a session on .NET Application Blocks.  The MSDN Event went really well, with lots of questions and dialogue.  Several members of the audience came up to me afterward and personally thanked me for presenting and some even particularly noted how much they had learned, primarily about InfoPath.

My Thursday event was quite a bit different.  I saw some friendly faces from previous Chicagoland events and spoke with these friends and customers before beginning the afternoon's event.  To me, it felt like the same sessions, but the audience today seemed to approach the sessions quite differently.  In reviewing the feedback on the event evaluations, it seemed like the majority of attendees preferred the ASP.NET sessions over the InfoPath session by a considerable margin and some even had some strong anti-InfoPath sentiment.

I'm curious how my blog readers feel about InfoPath.  I personally think that it's a pretty solid tool that makes our lives easier as developers.  It certainly isn't a miracle application, but it's a great tool both for creating simple forms for others in our organizations to use to manage data entry and for building powerful, event-driven customization behind the scenes of these forms when business rules and processes require it.  Do you use InfoPath in your personal life or business?  If so, how?  If not, why?