After my Green Bay MSDN Event today, some audience members stuck around and we explored some additional features of ASP.NET 2.0.  One control of particular interest was the ObjectDataSource.  In today's session, I had demonstrated tying the ObjectDataSource control to a business object contained within the existing project.  Not having played around with the control too much yet, we took a look at how far the scope reached.

Since most business logic layers in n-tier application design implement the business objects in a separate project or library from the presentation layer, we simulated this.  I took the code from the day's event and adapted it into a separate class with a method that returned a DataSet.  By simply adding a reference to the new DLL that I generated, the ObjectDataSource control automatically detected the new class within the Configure Data Source Wizard!

I tip my hats to the members of the ASP.NET team, who apparently think of everything.