So, I may have made the biggest mistake of my professional career yesterday afternoon.  I saw a post on Craig's List for a GameCube, with 4 controllers, 7 games, and 2 memory cards.  The deal was so good I couldn't pass it up.  Your initial reaction may be "You work for Microsoft, but you own a GameCube?!"  That reaction would be reasonable and I can justify my action.  I grew up with Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus, and all of the villains (like Bowser, Ganon, Mother Brain).  I don't know any of the XBox characters or storylines.  That isn't to say that XBox has no compelling titles - in fact, the new title Fable may be reason enough for me to buy an XBox to place next to my GameCube.

That said, despite some digs from my teammates, the major reason why I think my professional career is bound to suffer results from the fact that I have once again returned to gaming.  After a long (like 6 years) hiatus from any serious gameplaying (we're talking staying up 'til the sun comes up so I can beat the next bad guy), I have decided to throw my hat back in the ring.  I have a stack of games, 4 of which (actually 7 - I have the Zelda collection) are first-person adventures.  My plan(?) is to have them all completed by the end of the calendar year, at which point I will exchange them for a new round of games.  My travel schedule may conflict with this plan, but the GameCube does have a convenient carrying handle... we'll see what becomes of me a few weeks from now.  In the meantime, I have a bit more work to do today before I can call it a weekend.

Happy coding gaming!