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As several of you may know, I drive to the majority of my MSDN Events.  Living in Chicago, I'm just about smack dab in the middle of my event territory of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.  However, another fact many of you may not know is that I don't own a car.  I made an active decision when I moved up to Chicago to live without a car for at least 2 years - which forces me to use public transportation and my old, reliable tootsies whenever I need to get somewhere and saves me from the frustration of Chicago traffic.  As you can imagine, this means that I rent cars to get to and from my live events.

Now, usually frequent flyers get all the perks - free flights, seat upgrades, companion fares, etc. and car renters don't get any benefits, except maybe a 2-hour backup on the Dan Ryan in the one spot where radio reception cuts out.  Until now!  Once again, Avis (the Microsoft "preferred vendor") is bringing back the "Drive three, drive free" promotion, which is similar in concept to the airlines' "Fly three, fly free" promos.  Every time I rent from Avis, they log the entry toward my total tally for the time period (September 7 - December 16, 2004).  Each time I hit 3 rentals of 2+ days, I get a voucher for a free 2-day weekend rental, which kicks some serious butt.  I can (and hope to) earn a maximum of 3 vouchers, which means 3 opportunities to visit with friends and family in the far reaches (like my parents in Syracuse - I'm comin' home, Ma!)  Anyway, since you made it this far, I've included the promo landing page link a second time.

Happy coding driving,