Do you own a webcam?  Do you send email?  Why not download the Outlook 2003 Add-In for Video Email?

I came back from dinner tonight to a video email from a colleague, which pretty much blew my mind, especially since the file ran about 123 kilobytes for a short message.  This is the first such email I have received, but I think this is awesome, not only as a sign of things to come, but as a testament to how far we have already progressed.  One hundred years ago, only a handful of people were familiar with moving pictures (mind you, these were in 'black and white' and were silent) - now, with relative ease, we can send vibrantly colorful, boisterously loud videos in just marginally longer than it takes to record them.

The download page states that this Outlook 2003 Add-In has been around since December 2003, so I'm a bit peeved that nobody shared this with me sooner than today, but I intend to make use of this new feature (already installed it) as soon as I get back to Chicago.  I wish I had the foresight to bring a webcam with me to my MSDN Events this week :-(

PS Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the source of this post's Subject line