Flashback: July 2004 - I have a party to celebrate moving into my new place.  The snack selection included one bag of Rold Gold pretzels.  At the conclusion of the party, all of the chips were gone, but there was still half a bag of pretzels.  I don't have a chip clip, so I just fold down the back and place it in the pantry, leaning in such a way that the flap won't open back up by itself.

Flashback: Early September 2004 - I am fiending for a crunchy, salty snack and have no tortilla chips.  The pretzels, though now 2 months old, catch my eye.  "Hmm," I say to myself, "I'll give those a shot."  To give you a bit of background, I have a bad habit of leaving food past its prime because I am not in the mood to take it out to the garbage right then.  Ask any of my friends about the eggs I bought when I first moved in to this new place.  But I digress.  I tried the pretzels and found them to be just shy of as crunchy and delicious as they were when I first opened the bag.  I was all set to blog about them then, but something else came up that distracted me - oh, yes, it was the Futurama Volume 4 set.

Now here I sit, another month later, and I decided that pretzels would be a great snack while I catch up on emails that I have flagged.  I grabbed the same bag of Rold Gold pretzels and decided that now, as they still hold their magnificent - and seemingly timeless - crunch, I would do nothing else until I completed a blog post about how resilient a snack food they are.  Though they do not possess the mythological lifespan of Twinkies, dispelled here, they continue to hold their flavor and texture significantly longer than I had anticipated.

If anyone else has a story about consuming unintentionally aged foods and the humorous, and sometimes tragic, side effects, please share with everyone :-)  If it's particularly embarrassing, I encourage you to use a psuedonym (preferably a funny one).

Happy Eating,