I was talking with my friend Joel about new video games and he told me that there was a new Legend of Zelda title on the way.  I said, "Do you mean Four Swords?" and he replied, "No, this is supposed to be a much darker game."  I had to find out more and I was speechless after I watched the 1-minute preview video available on the GameSpot page for the new game.  This looks like it is going to seriously address the complaint that Wind Waker is a bit too child-oriented.  I am even wondering if this is going to have a more mature rating than Wind Waker.  Whatever the case, I am amazed that this will run on the GameCube - the screen shots look incredible and the video clip (if actually shots from the game) is better than just about any other game I have seen to date.  I just wish the game was coming out sooner.  The Legend of Zelda was the first video game that I bought and I've found few console games that come close to rivaling it, especially as a series.  Final Fantasy is probably the only series that truly can rival LoZ.