During today's event in Rockford, I was asked about the demographics capabilities in MapPoint 2004 and if they were available in the MapPoint Web Service.  In short, No, the web service does not expose any demographic data.  The longer answer relates to the different MapPoint products and what they offer to different audiences.

Q. Microsoft produces a lot of different mapping products. Can you explain the differences and who might use them?
A. Microsoft mapping products build on the same technical underpinnings and are meant to complement each other in terms of usage scenarios. Future versions will become even more tightly integrated. We divide our products into three categories: for the developer, for the consumer, and for the business user.

  • For the Developer:
    The MapPoint Web Service is a hosted programmable Web service used by enterprises and developers to build location-based applications. The MapPoint ActiveX® Control provides offline access to many of the same features as the MapPoint Web Service, so it is used for applications such as fleet tracking where a continuous Internet connection is not available.
  • For the Consumer:
    Streets & Trips provides personal mapping features and is the number-one selling travel application. Pocket Streets is the PDA-based version of Streets & Trips and is used by mobile device users who want to take mapping with them. MSN® Maps & Directions is our free consumer portal for online mapping and trip planning.
  • For the Business User:
    In addition to personal mapping functionality, MapPoint 2004 provides business users with a rich set of business visualization and data tools. It is used primarily by business analysts and sales and marketing professionals.
Extracted from the MapPoint Web Service FAQ

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