Deeper in .NET 2005

The Wisconsin .NET Users Group is planning their third annual full-day .NET event, packed with some of the top speakers around, including Scott Guthrie, Rob Howard, Rocky Lhotka, Jason Beres, and Chris Mayo.  Visit the WI .NET UG site to learn more and register - selected details follow:

This is our 3rd annual day-long event and it will be our best ever.  In 2003, we held our first event and had 220 people attend.  It was incredible to feel the excitement as many people in our community were first introduced to .NET.  Then, in 2004, we held our second annual event and had 260 people attend.  Again, the enthusiasm of attendees, the brilliance of our speakers, and the support of our sponsors enabled us to exceed expectations on all counts.  Now, with our 2005 event on the horizon, the bar of expectations has been set even higher.

Deeper in .NET 2005! is going to blow your wildest expectations away!

We have the best combination of our group's all-time favorite speakers along with new speakers that hail from high places in Redmond.  It's simply amazing to think of the experience we're in for on March 5, 2005.  We'll keep updating this page as more information is finalized.  We're confident you'll continue to be amazed as you see how things unfold for this event, however, we want to give you a sneak peek at the best-of-the-best speakers who will be presenting... 

For more info, surf here -

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