First, the event details: .NET brings the full power of Object-Oriented Programming to the Visual Basic syntax you're already familiar with. Learn the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and the new OOP keywords introduced in Visual Basic .NET. In this session, we'll demonstrate how Visual Basic .NET provides support for all of the key tenets behind the OOP paradigm - abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Good use of OOP will lead to code that is much easier to test, maintain, extend and reuse.

To view the webcast (live Tuesday, February 8 @ 9AM Pacific or on-demand later), follow this link

Once you have attended the webcast, check out the links below to gain even more knowledge.

Download the code (with bonus code for the other webcasts this week!)
Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic .NET
Creating Classes in Visual Basic .NET
Inheritance and Interfaces

Ken LeFebvre, one of my counterparts on the East Coast, also presented a 2-part series "Tips and Tricks for Object-Oriented Development with Visual Studio .NET" - you can check out both of his sessions on-demand here:

Tips and Tricks for OO Development w/ VS .NET Part 1
Tips and Tricks for OO Development w/ VS .NET Part 2

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