Loyal blog readers,

I know that many of you know me from the live MSDN Events I present throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.  The content that my colleagues and I develop and present to you is based on the feedback we receive from you about what you would like to see.  My managers are now exploring the possibility of a "paradigm shift" in what we present and we need your help to find out just what that would entail.

I have been challenged to find out what distinguishes small and medium businesses and their developer/sys admin staff from those in large enterprise organizations.

  • In what size organization do you work?
  • Do you have one "role" or do you wear multiple hats on a given day or project?
  • What tools do you use to support your computers?  SUS, MOM, network share, or hand-to-hand installs - my personal favorite :-P
  • Do you buy off-the-shelf software, hire partners or consultants, or do most of your development work in-house?

These are just a few questions to get your gears turning.  Please post your thoughts, as this will be a significant means for you to help positively impact our approach to content development going forward.  If you are interested and have an extra moment, I would also be happy to hold phone or email-based interviews to gather additional details - just comment on this post or email me (upper-left hand corner).