The next round of MSDN content is fully baked and on its way in April, May and June to a theater, hotel, or convention center in your area of the U.S.  We will once again have 3 solid topics (cities in my district and dates follow below):

Web Services Unleashed

Certainly XML Web Services are the bedrock of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), but are you really getting the most out of them? Whether you're new to Web Services or a seasoned SOAP expert, you'll find something useful in this session. We'll cover:
  • Creating and consuming a basic web service
  • Calling a web service asynchronously
  • Using web services in a distributed architecture
  • Implementing a web service authentication scheme
  • Interoperability considerations
  • Web service security using WSE 2.0

Universal Data Access with SQL Server 2005™

Each new release of SQL Server introduces powerful new technologies for accessing your data. In this session we will look at two such technologies that will make the upcoming SQL Server 2005™ a universal data access platform for your organization. You will learn about:
  • Creating HTTP endpoints in SQL Server 2005™
  • Securing the HTTP endpoints
  • Consuming the HTTP endpoints from Visual Studio
  • Controlling the rendering of a Reporting Services report using URL parameters

Publishing Applications Using ClickOnce

"ClickOnce" sounds like a dream, but it will be a reality with the 2.0 release of the .NET Framework. In this session we'll show you aspects of ClickOnce from basic application publishing to security considerations to working with the API. This session will introduce key features of ClickOnce Deployment:
  • Configuring your application for ClickOnce publication
  • Using the Publishing wizard
  • Incorporating code access security using the ClickOnce bootstrapper
  • Using the System.Deployment namespace

The cities we will visit in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin are as follows:

4/5 - Appleton, WI (.NET Pub Club to follow immediately after the Appleton event, location TBA)

4/7 - Madison, WI

4/26 - Muncie, IN (presented by visiting DCC Susan Wisowaty)

4/28 - Schaumburg, IL (presented by visiting DCC Susan Wisowaty)

5/10 - Rockford, IL (.NET Pub Club to follow immediately after the Rockford event, location TBA)

5/12 - Milwaukee, WI

5/24 - Bloomington, IN

5/26 - Indianapolis, IN

6/21 - Peoria, IL (presented by visiting DCC Susan Wisowaty)

6/23 - Madison, WI (presented by visiting DCC Susan Wisowaty)