Those of you who attended the Appleton, WI MSDN Event this past Tuesday will recall the brief discussion at the end of the day about interest in a .NET user group in the area.  Since there was a group in the past, and by the show of hands there was clearly interest in re-engaging as a community, I want to support this desire.

The fellow in the audience who took the informal survey about UG interest is Doug Waterman, a .NET instructor at Fox Valley Technical College.  Doug spoke with me after the event and said that he would be interested in rekindling the .NET community, but he needs your help.  Like any group, a user group only succeeds with the support and involvement of the community.  If you are a .NET developer in the northeast Wisconsin area, email Doug Waterman to let him know that you are interested in being a member.  That way, you can stay in the loop as the group develops and you won't risk missing the first meeting :-)