So last week, I was flying back from a vacation to New York City and had a mildly humorous experience.  While readying my laptop, shoes, pocket change and WMDs prior to walking through the "scanning gate" at LaGuardia, I happened to notice the name of my friendly, neighborhood TSA representative: Yasar Arfat.  Despite the similarity in names to a former world leader who may have supported the same people who caused the attacks that led to the forming of TSA in the first place, I find this ironic for a completely different fact.  Up until recently, many Americans argued that there was racial profiling taking place at the security gates of airports.  Yasar Arfat, my new acquaintance, gives me reason to believe that we are finally progressing.  Now they just need to implement the "express" security gates for frequent flyers.

I want to hear what you think about hassles (like TSA) at the airport.  We've all been through them - now's your chance to vent.