My friend Eric Hammersley, who is developing the South Central Indiana .NET Users Group (SCI-NUG) to serve Bloomington, IN and its environs, has planned some upcoming events and an Office Developer Pack Giveaway.

In brief, following the May 24 MSDN Event at the Bloomington Convention Center, we will reconvene next door at City Grille for a .NET Pub Club, starting around 5:15 PM.  Think appetizers, all the soda you can drink, and lots of geek talk about software, hardware, technology in general.  You name it, we'll talk about it.  It's an informal way to unwind after a workday, so I hope to see you there.

Also, the following month, Chris Mayo, the renowned Microsoft developer evangelist from Chicago, will drop in on June 16 to speak.  You don't want to miss that opportunity.  He's a solid speaker who can help you get your questions answered.

The full details for both events are available at the SCI-NUG website, which no longer exists, as the group has disbanded and the site has been taken over by the adult entertainment industry.