Well, it's off to the races.  I enjoyed presenting the session today on the Time Tracker Starter Kit and I think it went very well (but who am I to say?  What did you think of the webcast?)  On Tuesday, I'll be presenting a session on the Reports Starter Kit, so join me at 9:00 AM Pacific - you can register here.  If you can't make it, be sure to check it out on-demand 24 hours later by following the same link.

After the session, check out these resources to download the starter kit and get started learning or increasing your skills in ASP.NET:

If you make it to my live webcasts this week, let me know in LiveMeeting by submitting a "Howdy", "Hello", "Wazzup" or what-have-you via the Question and Answer Panel and tell me that you heard about it on my blog.  Also, if you came here after one of my webcasts this week, "Sign the guestbook" by submitting a comment to this post.


Follow-up - Homework Assignment:

1) Create a new chart type by extending the abstract base class Chart or one of the child classes
2) Using a report as a template, customize one of the reports to work with an existing line-of-business application in your organization

Keep me posted on your progress - I'm eager to see what you do with the assignment.