We're nearing the halfway point for my week-long series.  During Tuesday's session on the ASP.NET Reports Starter Kit, I got some great feedback about the session and, to help answer an audience member's question, even about which language developers in the event were developing with (about 49% C#, 47% VB .NET, 4% other).  The next session I have coming up is on Wednesday, in which we'll be exploring the Commerce Starter Kit, so join me at 9:00 AM Pacific - you can register here.  If you can't make it, be sure to check it out on-demand 24 hours later by following the same link.

After the session, check out these resources to download the starter kit and get started learning or increasing your skills in ASP.NET:

  • Download the ASP.NET 1.1 Commerce Starter Kit (and the other starter kits as well) 
  • Play around with the Commerce Starter Kit online - no download required 
  • Pre-register for the other ASP.NET webcasts we are presenting in July

I'm eager to know what you think about the sessions I am presenting - feel free to speak your mind on my blog.

Post-event follow-up (gosh, 2 hyphens in as many hyphenated phrases, it's a red letter day!)

There was a lot of interest in credit card/payment processing functionality and how to extend the Commerce Starter Kit in such a fashion.  Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions.  In addition to many banks that provide such services directly, there are 2 credit card processors that I found with .NET tools/resources: Authorize.Net and .net ECOMMERCE.  Do you have any other suggestions for the budding eCommerce developer?