Thank you to those who have joined me for 4 sessions exploring different starter kits that will give you the sample code foundation you need to get started as an ASP.NET Web Developer.  In this final session, this Friday at 9:00 AM Pacific, I will introduce the DotNetNuke content management system and we'll take a brief survey of the some of the features and functionality this application provides.  If you can't make it, be sure to check it out on-demand 24 hours later by following the same link.

After the session, check out these resources to download DotNetNuke and learn more about extending and customizing the kit for your needs:

Post event follow up:

To my surprise, today's webcast was overwhelmingly question-based.  It's a good thing that I planned to focus more on questions than on demonstrations.  I answered every question posed of me and wanted to share a couple of additional links for those of you who had to leave the webcast early.