Click here --> <-- and enjoy this marketing campaign in all of its humorous corniness.  I'm not sure how well it gets across the value of our SQL Server 2005/Visual Studio 2005 pairing, but I had a blast Escaping to/from Yesterworld.

PS Watch out for the creepy guy who appears to be a cross between Willem Dafoe and Max Schreck.

PPS I came up with that comparison before I did a search and found out that not only did I originally have Max Schreck's name spelled wrong ("Schrek"), but that Willem Dafoe actually played Max Schreck in Shadow of the Vampire.  Uncanny!

By the way, has anyone who reads my blog checked out the Hollywood Stock Exchange (  It seems like a cool idea, but it would be much cooler if they had real sponsors offering cool prizes to the well-performing "traders" - just my $0.03.