I got back from my events this week to find an email in my Inbox.  I had signed up to be a 'mentee' in a formal mentorship and the system found several potential matches.  I logged in and began reviewing profiles of my mentors-to-be and quickly felt like The Bachelor or Joe Millionaire.  Faced with 7 quality potential mentors, I was limited to choosing one based on what they had entered into their profiles.  Managers and employees from across the US appeared on my radar, with backgrounds as varied as my college course schedule.  This was a challengin task - this mentor that I select can be my formal mentor for the next 12 months and I suddenly thought of Indiana Jones and the holy grail selection.  Would I choose wisely or would I choose... poorly?  Well, my decision is final and I will now maximize the mentorship opportunity.

Have you ever had a formal mentor at your company?  What was it like for you?  Any things I should know before my mentor relationship officially kicks off?