Me and my big mouth.  Gosh, I say that an awful lot.  This time it's because of what shall probably go down in the history books as "The BizTalk Incident".

Flashback - Chicago Day of .NET (several months ago) - I spoke at the event and had the opportunity to watch another speaker present a session on BizTalk 2004.  My only reaction was "Wow, that's awesome!"

Flash forward (but not too far forward... we're still in the past here) - DCC Team Call (a couple months ago) - My teammate Mike Benkovich says, "We have been asked to present some webcasts on BizTalk - is anyone interested in signing up to present these?"  Instead of asking the logical question (i.e. "Is the content ready?"), the first neuron that fires is "BizTalk... that was awesome!" and I blurt out "Sure, I'd love to present 5 sessions on BizTalk!"

Flash forward (the rest of the way) - Yesterday - One day before my BizTalk sessions are due to begin, finally, in what may have been the most delayed reaction *ever*, my brain finally says "Are you sure you're ready to do these sessions?" I had gathered content for all 5 events, shared 2 events, so my colleague Glen Gordon will be leading Tuesday and Wednesday's webcasts, and even brought in a team of BizTalk MVPs and experts to co-present the sessions with us, in order to provide the best customer experience we could. Curiously, after all that, I finally think that maybe I bit off more than I could chew.

Thankfully, I believe the gamble paid off.  I have learned so much about BizTalk simply in preparing for these sessions - it's amazing all of the cool things that you can do with BizTalk.

I presented the first session this morning - Introduction to BizTalk Server 2004.  An overview session designed to whet everyone's appetites for the next four upcoming sessions.  I am also including additional resource links for each of these sessions, so you don't have to copy them down during the event... just come on back here.

Also, sign up to beta-test BizTalk Server 2006

PS On a totally unrelated side note, I think that my package delivery man (whose organization shall remain unnamed) may be stoned.  While I was writing this, I got a buzz that someone was here.  I let him in and signed for my package.  While trying to make idle chit-chat, I said "How's the weather today?" since I live the better part of the work day in my underground bunker (i.e. my home office).  He simply responded, with a glassy stare, "Niiice."  There were at least 3 'i's in his "Nice", making it excessively elongated, in a way for which Phish and Grateful Dead fans are often known.  Don't get me wrong - good bands, stoned delivery man.  :-D  Hope your day is as good as mine!