Those of you who have been to my MSDN Events recently likely recall that I play a 30-minute television show called The Code Room prior to each event.  For those of you not familiar with the show, The Code Room is a developer-oriented real-life challenge show and was the brainchild of my former manager Paul Murphy.  Much to Paul's chagrin, I will always endearingly refer to the show concept as "Paul TV".

Well, the opportunity once again has been presented to me to create a sappy term for an otherwise cool concept: my teammate Joe Stagner has developed a new project designed to bring audio commentary, interviews and radio shows to the worldwide developer community.  Although Joe has already dubbed this project DevRadio, I shall always know it as "Joe Radio".  Joe's even put together three shows (IE7 w/ Dave Massy, Dev News w/ Geoff Snowman, and Inside Out w/ Jesse Liberty) in the time span it took me to get off my lazy butt and blog about his project - you can listen to those recordings here.

Happy coding,