Visual Studio 2005! SQL Server 2005! BizTalk 2006! One of these things is not like the others ;-) Although the year seems a little off on BizTalk, the date is not - all three products are scheduled to launch in less than one month at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco on November 7, 2005.  It's an exciting time, but what about for those of us not located in a close proximity to San Fran?

We've made a great effort to ensure that everyone across the US will be able to attend a launch event in their neck of the woods.  In addition to the main launch in San Francisco, there will be 14 key city launches: Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Anaheim, Houston, Orlando, Minneapolis, Boston and Washington, D.C.  You can register for San Francisco or any of the aforementioned cities here - the official Launch Tour 2005 site

But we didn't stop there - we're presenting 44 additional "Best of SQL Server 2005" and "Best of Visual Studio 2005" launch events, powered by the TechNet and MSDN Events teams (like yours truly here).  These events are half-day, condensed events of the best content from the Visual Studio 2005/SQL Server 2005/BizTalk Server 2006 launches, with SQL Server 2005 in the morning from 8AM-12PM, and Visual Studio 2005 in the afternoon from 1-5PM.  You can follow these links to reserve a seat at your local "Best of SQL Server 2005" or "Best of Visual Studio 2005" events.

If you're looking to see me personally present, you should check out one of the following "Best of Visual Studio 2005" launch events - I hope to see you there!

Happy Coding,