At the very beginning of November, I'll be presenting not one, but two ASP.NET 2.0 webcasts for you.  The first session, on November 1, will be a general "what's up with ASP.NET 2.0" session, in which we'll focus primarily on IDE and UI/control enhancements and additions, like master pages, navigation controls, and web parts.  The second session, on November 2, is all around membership and personalization in ASP.NET 2.0 - we'll look at the membership and personalization APIs and how to leverage them in your web applications.

These are part of a larger series on Visual Studio 2005 - you can find the main registration page here.  My webcasts are in the Web Development section near the bottom of the page.

Check out my webcasts... they are two of the last webcasts on ASP.NET 2.0 before the big VS 2005 Launch in San Francisco.  Time is running out!  :-D

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