Ever since Microsoft first announced that we were adding .NET support to SQL Server via SQLCLR in Microsoft SQL Server 2005, developers and DBAs were thrown into a state of panic.  I saw it at events and heard it on webcasts:

  • When are we supposed to use T-SQL, now that we have full .NET support?
  • Is .NET on the SQL Server the best use of server resources?
  • Could a .NET application error take down my entire SQL Server?
  • Will .NET apps on the server introduce potential security vulnerabilities?

To be completely frank, I was not content with the initial messaging we provided on SQLCLR vs. T-SQL guidance - it sounded something like this, "...".  There was no good source for guidance, advice, or best practices - now that was mostly because this was brand-spanking new functionality, but as we all know, uncertainty is a bitch.

After receiving a couple of deep technical questions on the SQLCLR component of SQL Server 2005 at an event yesterday, I decided that I had to, once-and-for-all, find a place where developers and DBAs alike could find the guidance they so desperately needed.  I was not disappointed.

I did a quick search on MSN and found nothing less than the Programming SQL Server 2005 Using the .NET Framework section of the Microsoft SQL Developer Center.  There is a great overview article on using SQLCLR components and even a webcast on T-SQL vs SQLCLR.

I feel that my job here is done.  Let me know if there is anything else I can help you find (other than Christy Turlington's phone number).