Before I get to the Q&A, I wanted to take a moment to thank the audiences of both Omaha and Saint Louis.  You were outgoing, eager, and enthusiastic about the content, the event, and developing in general and that fuels my passion when I visit communities to present.

Without further ado, here are the "unanswerables" from my events this past week, paired with answers that I have gleaned from MSDN, the internet at large, and my colleagues.


Omaha Qs

Q. How can I add resource files to mobile applications?

A. Adding resource files to mobile application projects is a similar model to adding them to Windows applications.  You can add files and set their Build Action to Embedded Resource or add text-based resources via Resources.resx file in the Properties folder of your project.

Q. How does the web-based application (WBA) technology work in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?

A. This is actually quite an in-depth topic.  In as few words as possible, WBA leverages code access security (CAS) sandboxing and runson top of WPF in a client browser window.  For the full scoop, check out this article all about Web Browser Applications.

Saint Louis Qs

Q. What version of Office is required for VSTO solutions?  Are there any other prerequisites?

A. According to this article (How To: Install Visual Studio Tools for Office), Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office (VSTO 2005) requires any of the following: Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003 or Office Professional 2003 (among other options).  I am not aware of a difference between the stand-alone versions of Word, Excel and Outlook and the Office Standard versions, so the documentation seems to imply that any of the aforementioned products would be suitable, so long as the primary interop assemblies (PIAs) are already installed.  For more information on PIA installation, check out this how-to article.

Q. Is it possible to simulate incoming calls in the mobile device emulators?

A. [Still unanswered] OK, I've searched the internet and I'm stumped.  Am I using the wrong keywords?  Is there any way to simulate incoming calls with the Windows Mobile Emulator?