Ann Arbor, MI Qs

Q) Is it possible to integrate the mobile device emulator with actual hardware (e.g. camera, GPS)?

A) I always seem to be one step behind with the mobile device emulator questions.  As we go to print, I haven't found anything specifically addressing actual hardware integration with the emulator, but I have found an answer to the question about emulating incoming calls (see previous "unaswerables").  As it turns out, with Windows Mobile 2003 and earlier, you can Use Radio-Provided Wireless GSM Telephony in the Emulator.  Now, if anyone can answer the above question...

Q) What is the proper order for VSTO 2005 installation? What are the customer requirements to use VSTO solutions?
A)  The proper order for VSTO 2005 installation is

   1) .NET Framework 2.0 (to create the global assembly cache, or GAC)

   2) Office 2003 (with the primary interop assemblies - PIAs - explicitly installed)

   3) Visual Studio / VSTO 2005

According to this article (How To: Install Visual Studio Tools for Office), Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office (VSTO 2005) requires any of the following: Word 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003 or Office Professional 2003 (among other options).  I am not aware of a difference between the stand-alone versions of Word, Excel and Outlook and the Office Standard versions, so the documentation seems to imply that any of the aforementioned products would be suitable, so long as the primary interop assemblies (PIAs) are already installed.  For more information on PIA installation, check out this how-to article.

Q) Where can developers learn more about Office 2007 (not Office 2003) development?
A) You saw it here first.  Well, not literally... you probably saw it there when you clicked on the link.

Farmington Hills, MI Qs

Q) Is serialization supported in the .NET Compact Framework 2.0?
A) Basic serialization for SOAP messages and datasets is included in .NET CF 2.0.  For full details, see Differences between the .NET Framework 2.0 and the .NET CF 2.0.

Q) What support is available for migrating apps from embedded VB to .NET CF 2.0?
A) I did not find an article on embedded VB -> .NET CF 2.0 development, but here is an article to help you migrate your embedded VB to .NET.