Announcing Visual Basic 2005 Today!  This new webcast series will kick off with 4 webcasts in April on Visual Basic 2005 features and functionality to help all you VB developers learn something new and increase your productivity.  See below for the details on the first 4 webcasts in the series.

I have done a number of webcasts in the past and found that the one thing lacking in the webcasts is a sense of dialogue.  To promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge, I will be leveraging my blog extensively as a vehicle for us to share thoughts and feedback.  Before each webcast, I will post the details of the webcast and some links for additional information.  After the webcast, my intent is for you, the audience, to post your thoughts, feedback and advice in response to the posts.  My commitment is to keep the site updated as we progress; all I ask of you is honest and open feedback.

The goal of this series is to evolve to your demands.  Toward that end, I will intentionally be making the first webcast extremely dry :-)  Your job is to observe, learn about VB 2005, and provide feedback on what you liked and didn't like.  Bear in mind that this is simultaneously a research experiment and a work-in-progress.  You have the power to turn this series into what you want - a webcast series by the people and for the people.

4/05/2006 9:00 AM Pacific - New Language Features in Visual Basic 2005
4/12/2006 9:00 AM Pacific - Data Access with Visual Basic 2005
4/19/2006 9:00 AM Pacific - RAD for the Visual Basic 2005 Developer
4/26/2006 9:00 AM Pacific - Deploying Visual Basic 2005 Applications Using ClickOnce
5/3/2006 9:00 AM Pacific - Tools and Techniques for Upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 Applications
5/10/2006 9:00 AM Pacific - Creating Best-of-Both-Worlds Hybrid Applications with Visual Basic Fusion
5/17/2006 12:00 PM Pacific - Tools and Add-ins for Visual Basic Migration

REGISTER for any or all of the webcasts through this handy registration site, plus gain the opportunity to earn valuable goodies for participating.