The Chicago Access Users Group (CAUG) has cordially invited me to present in April at their monthly meeting!  See below for the details.  The meeting is open to everybody - hope to see you there :-)

Microsoft Office is more than a killer productivity suite. Pair it with development tools and it's a full-fledged SmartClient platform. This session provides a great introduction to Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office, where you'll see how code and the object model are more tightly integrated between Visual Studio and Office documents than ever before. We'll explore the wide variety of solution techniques, including data binding, using the actions pane, and writing managed add-ins for Outlook. Plus you'll see great new features such as data caching and server-side access to data in documents.

When:  Thursday, April 27, 2006, 6-8 pm
Where: The Information Management Group
       200 W. Monroe St.  Suite 900 
       Chicago, IL  60606
       (312) 222-9400