At the end of my webcast on Data Access in Visual Basic 2005, the conversation turned from DataSets and ADO.NET to Batman (and all of the lesser superheroes).  I feel the need to reiterate that Batman is the ultimate superhero.  Despite his deep psychological issues, which I will admit he has, he is a self-made man, spending years to hone his skills of stealth, science, detective work, martial arts/physical combat.  He is effectively a modern Sherlock Holmes... who doesn't do drugs.

Yes, some would say that his super-power is massive amounts of money, which enable him to acquire the tools and services to support his crime-fighting efforts, but money alone does not do that for us.  Look at Warren Buffett - you can't picture him scaling tall buildings and beating up arch-criminals.

As for the Wesley Willis comment, I am paying homage to Chicago's best homeless recording artist, also known as the "350 Pound Schizophrenic Lyrical Messiah"*, who wrote such masterpieces as I Whupped Batman's Ass.