I am so glad that it's Friday.  Those of you who attended yesterday's MSDN Event in Roseville, MN can attest to that.  To fill you in if you weren't there, my machine started to fail about 15 minutes before my event began.  When I say fail, I don't mean that it didn't turn on... in fact, everything appeared to be fine.  Until I opened Visual Studio.  After about 2 minutes, I got a message that VS 2005 needed to exit.  This continued for several iterations.  I eventually discovered that I had a corrupted wininet.dll, which prevented me from running Visual Studio, Internet Explorer (hard to demonstrate a web app without it) or even Windows Media Player (I couldn't even show a recording of the 3rd session on Web Parts).  Everyone in the audience was amazingly patient and supportive throughout my experience, which shall be referred to as the "Wininet/Loseinet Fiasco".  I have since recovered full use of my machine (I think) and decided it was high time to answer your "unanswerables" from this week:

Des Moines, IA

Q) Does the data access application block in Enterprise Library 2.0 support use of typed datasets?

A) Yes [see full details on the application block at]

Roseville, MN

Q) Is Enterprise Library 2.0 thread-safe?

A) The only application block that is explicitly listed as "thread safe" on the PAG website is the Caching Application Block (  I have emailed Tom Hollander, of the team that brought us the Enterprise Library, to confirm which blocks are thread safe.  Once I hear back from him, I will update this post.

In the mean time, have a great weekend!