It's good to be back home in Chicago.  I have had a whirlwind tour, going from Chicago to Des Moines, St. Paul, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Phoenix and Las Vegas.  I now have a few days of R&R before the ultimate trip - visiting my two beautiful nieces in Cleveland.

In the mean time, I did have a couple of clarifying comments about some of the developer discussions we had in Phoenix on Tuesday of last week.

Q) How do you encrypt sections of the config file?

A) Thanks to Robert Shelton, Jr., Federal DE for Microsoft, we have a hosted video demonstrating just how to do this invaluable technique

Q) What is the ASP.NET 2.0 web parts support in FireFox?

A) I would like to thank a diligent attendee who pointed out to me that the drag-and-drop layout functionality in the web part framework does not work natively in FireFox.  However, with the latest CTP of Atlas and a few tweaks to your config file, you can enable drag-and-drop support for your websites in FireFox.