Thursday, July 20, 2006, 2 PM Central

Register here: Rapid Application Development for the Visual Basic 2005 Developer

Resources for after today's webcast

Do you have other resources to share with the volkswebcast community?  Comment to this post with the resource that you find most useful when it comes to rapid application development.

If you are looking all the way down here, you were probably looking above at the "Writing Correct Code" segment.  If you did not see it, look above and you will see that it tells you to "See below!"  Now that you are back down here, if you viewed the RAD webcast, you probably call that I put out a challenge, in the form of a homework assignment.  The goal is to share poorly-written code snippets.  Submit, in the form of comments, code that is poorly written*.  If you have a file or code project (less than 1 megabyte in size), email it to me and I will post it up here for everyone to enjoy.  This will serve as an exercise in identifying what's bad about the code, as well as giving us a chance to exercise some of the "writing correct code" features of Visual Basic 2005.

* Be sure to remove personally-identifiable information from code and resist the urge to share proprietary code.