So I was in Omaha yesterday for the MSDN Event this quarter, and I was overwhelmed by the tremendous enthusiasm that poured forth from the developer community.  We usually average about 45% drop-off, meaning that 55% of the registered customers actually attend.  Well, we saw only 30% drop off, so that, paired with unprecedented registration of 380 meant that we had a pretty packed house with 266 developers in attendance.

That alone wouldn't be so impressive, except that on the same day, with the same content, half a country away, Beantown could only draw out 265 attendees.  Congratulations, Omaha!  Keep up the great excitement.

If I didn't live in Chicago, I wouldn't hold such animosity for Boston, but given that I do have massive amounts of Chicago pride, I can only assume that all of the other attendees were stuck somewhere in the labyrinth of the Big Dig.

PS How 'bout them BoSox?  Beantown, just remember that there's only one true Sox in our parts.