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    A Windows Forms/WPF hybrid satellite assembly.


    This is an FAQ ... 

    For those with Windows forms apps and moving to WPF apps..  reuse of existing windows forms localized strings is a must in order to save  time & money..

    Mike henderlight  gives you the recipe step by step  http://blogs.msdn.com/mhendersblog/archive/2006/03/30/565040.aspx


    [while there check all the other posts on crossbow..   It is amazing to me why there is little noise around crossbow.. Is i that it works and nobody needs help, or is it that nobody cares..  Either way you should let Mike know ..

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    What is XAML??


    I get this a lot, and usually answer "xaml is an xml based object initialization language" .. technically that is correct... but ChuckJ has a more complete answer here on this must read.. 


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    Getting started with Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon)


    There are lots of blogs out there on learning windows presentation foundation ... 

    Tim Sneath First Steps to WPF  is praised quite a bit..    but I am more of a video/training person  so I like Filipe's list of all PDC videos ..  Unfortunately, that takes 15 hours..  A more concise list is Pablo's reccomendation   If all you have is one hour, then my personal favorite is Rob Relyea's lap around avalon  ..

    Don't forget Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths have a good book out there.. The book was written w/ PDC bits (or so) but most concepts still apply and they tend to keep the samples up-to-date with the current CTP .

    If none of these help, drop me a note with your specific need and I can try to point you in the right direction..

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    welcome... and what you can expect


    I tried blogging once before.. it is hard work, takes discipline and having some thing smart to say ..  These are three adjectives I normally do not associate with myself..  so I will warn that I am likely not going to be a good blog-izen ..   

    If you want to know what you will find here, is for the most part references and maybe announcements..   I am not sure yet... 

    Why do it then?  I am an evangelist at Microsoft, helping with early adoption of WinFx and Vista..   I deal with a lot of partners/customers with whom I need to communicate... so I intend to blog some of those faqs such that I can point them here..  If any one else finds it useful,  well that is neat too..

    I do read a lot of blogs.. if you are writing or doing stuff with Windows Presentation Foundation, drop me a link to your blog .. I am always eager to read how people use MS technologies to solve business problems.. 



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