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    Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere ( WPF/E ) at MIX06


    WPF/E is a cross-platform (POR is windows + mac, linux tbd) subset of WPF that runs in a browser..

    At MIX Joe Stegman ( presented the most comprehensive overview and release plans I have seen to date) ... Mike Harsh has posted Joe's presentation here and is keeping track of the post-mix06 buzz.... My favorite so far is at http://ajaxian.com/archives/microsofts-mix-06-conference  ...

    if you are interested in WPF/E ... please check on Mike's and Joe's blog.. I just subscribed ;)

    Also, I hear the MIX sessions will be posted in a few weeks..  Not sure where or when but I am guessing if you monitor the MIX blog, you will find out sooner than the rest of us ..



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    XPS Essential Pack.. beta1


    Recently, I had a few issues printing a large XPS document...

    I reported it internally and today  I got a link to this newly posted XPS viewer..   It still has a few issues ... but so far looks like a neat WPF app and my printing problems are gone :)


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    New Expression training videos...


    Last week, the expression team posted five new "training" videos for expression ...

    You can find  them here

    http://www.microsoft.com/products/expression/en/demos.mspx. Simply click the Interactive Designer tab near the bottom of the page, and then click one of the video links under Training Videos.  

    [Disclaimer: I just saw the first 3 of them .. and ended up w/ mixed feelings.. overall the videos were helpful for EID newbies ... but I found them a little marketting heavy.]

    If you are looking for EID videos, give these a shot .. let us know if you like them; the expression team's blog is at http://blogs.msdn.com/expression/  ... If they have comments disabled, feel free to send them to me directly  and I will pass them along..



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    The "UI framework" team is alive and teasing ...


    In the last 3 days  I have gotten 4 emails about this blog entry..  That is pretty unusual ...but  the blog excites me cause Acropolis is out to the public...  Their vision is very cool and I think it will fill a much needed hole ...

    The blog is particularly bogus (or high level) with regards to Acropolis, so I won't leak any thing before checking with them, I know the paint still fresh on their planning...   All I will share is that Acropolis is lead by David Hill, the person who architected the Composite Apps for Dell well before the Patterms team turned that work into CAB ... 

    My advise, subscribe to the UI Framework blog; ping Richard and demand the details :) .   and Check David hill's blog  in case he decides to share..       


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