Adam Nathan's "Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed" book

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Adam Nathan's "Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed" book

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I was at the local bookstore this weekend ... and stumbled across Adam's WPF unleashed book ... this triggered a memory that a few weeks ago Yosi Taguri had told me to "make sure my presentation for TechReady covers every thing in Adam's Chapter 3" .. I grabbed the book and  browsed through it...   wow! What a jewel..

The book is concise, insightful, yet it is also very approachable.  My favorite so far is these 'notes'  that are spread all over the book labeled under "digging deeper" or "FAQ" ... these are just right on [as is the rest of the book]...

For tonight, I am really looking forward to the 3D chapter  -- writen by Daniel Lehenbauer .--- the dev lead for wpf 3d --- ..  This might even trump the only one show that I regularly watch  on TV: "24" ... 

The book is a must have!!  Put it right next to Charles Petzold's .. :)

PS -- There happens to be a free copy of Chapter 3 online via Tim's blog...  but don't make the mistake of reading just chapter 3 ...  


  • I suppose I should be flattered. It seems that someone swiped my copy of WPF Unleashed out of my office

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