"The New iteration" a paper on designer/developer collaboration using XAML...

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"The New iteration" a paper on designer/developer collaboration using XAML...

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Karl (of mole fame) emails me about "The new iteration" article that Karsten and I wrote a while ago... 

The paper attempts to do a lot in a few pages:  

  1. Introduce XAML ( in the context of HTML, SVG and the likes) for those not familiar with WPF.
  2. Introduce the workflow you can get when developers and designers create UI using XAML: You get a common language that stream lines collaboration between these two roles. This reduces duplicate work and allows each role to use tools optimized for their specific tasks ( Blend for designers, VS 2008 for developers)..
  3. Provide high level advise on roles and skills when you collaborate to this extent..
  4. Share a few of our lessons learned from many WPF early adopter projects..  
  5. Provide tactical advise for those who already took the journey to WPF and XAML..

Please do send us your feedback .. there were a lot of topics we know we did not get to,  I am hoping I can tackle some of these via blog posts or screencasts..

Going back to my old notes on every thing we did not get to I had:
Controls, Styles, Templates FAQ
Tips & Tricks on Blend..   way Beyond this very old article..
Tips & tricks on Blend + Cider, way beyond this intro old intro stuff..
Expression Designer (there was a lot we just did not get into)
Tips & trickcs on creating data-driven apps..( I guess this overlaps w/ tips & tricks above)..

What else do you want to hear about?? Let us know; I am keeping a list and even if I move really, really slow...   I will eventually get to it..






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