Just added Mole to my .NET toolbox..

Jaime Rodriguez
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Just added Mole to my .NET toolbox..

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Mole is a very handy visualizer for Visual Studio (.NET) developers.   I am late to try it, because it felt similar to snoop, but I installed Mole recently to see what the hype was about and now I find myself using it all the time..  It is incredibly convenient to have all this information available inside Visual Studio...

If you have not downloaded it yet, Karl Shifflett just released a sweeeettt v4. I highly recommend it..

A few extra Mole thoughts:

  1. Congratulations to the whole Mole Team; it is pretty impressive what you have accomplished in such short time...  WOW!!
  2. If you are a snoop user, don't miss out on mole.. They do look alike and overlap, but I found them quite complimentary...

    Mole is incredibly convenient since it integrates with VS; Mole also has nice features to ease navigation, finding and editing properties; mole can visualize also WCF, Windows Forms, ASPX, etc. so its scope is way broader than snoop's. 

    On the other side,  every now and then (but now much less) you will still need the 'injection' features of snoop (for me it is change notifications on DPs, and a little the convenience of navigating the visual tree by mousing over items) ...

    The good news is you can have both since they are both free..

Happy mole'ng...