IMTrioIf you ask any of the XAML practitioners about the XAML best practices on organizing a project, resources, etc..  they will all give you a single answer “it depends; every project is different”..  If you then ask them for details, you will get a slightly different answer from each expert.

In a brief attempt to aggregate the recurrent ‘good practices’, I  recently interviewed a few folks about their preferences..   
The first interview was IdentityMine's Jonathan Russ, Nathan Dunlap and Jared Potter.    These folks are some of the most experienced XAMLites I know..  Jonathan & Nathan date back to the early Avalon days..  
Check out the video using Adam's play-by-play timeline by clicking on the image or the 3 wise guys..  
[I will try to figure how to embed videos in the blog by the next part in this series]

Huge thanks to Jonathan, Nathan, Jared and the IdentityMine team for taking the time for the interview and to Adam for doing his magic with the video.