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    Windows phone developers join me at Teched EMEA


    CCL_audio_books.indd I will be doing a full-day pre-conference at TechEd EMEA covering Windows  Phone 7 .. 

    Check out the details for the talk here It is PRC04 - Windows Phone 7 Application Platform Technical Deep Dive.

    I am just going to summarize it with my very usual “we will go deep, we will share lessons learned instead of overview content”.. if you need more details than that, you can also check out my interview with the TechEd folks where we get into audiences and the content we will cover.. 

    I will also be doing a few presentations during the conference, so for any one attending the actual conference, please look me up too..  Trying to see if we can organize a XAP-athon event where you can book some time with me, bring your apps, run them on the phone, and I can help with as many tips as I can do in an hour or so (per app)…  Email me if you want in on that..

    Mega looking forward to this..  If you have suggestions on what I should cover, email me..  

    Happy Windows Phone coding!!

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    Windows Phone Design Day Recordings


    Windows Phone is getting very impressive reviews, and all of them mention the great, innovative user experience on the phone. JustPhone

    A few weeks ago, our Studios team, the folks responsible for the end-to-end user experience on the phone, invited a few partners and agencies for what we called “Windows Phone Design Days”. 
    This was a 1.5 day deep-dive into their inspiration, philosophy, goals, and down to the 9mm details on implementation.  
    We recorded this event. The videos have not been edited, but this was such great content we are rushing for you to get it, below, please find links to the recordings.

    If you are a developer or designer looking to target Windows Phone, this is a must-watch series.  If you hold any kind of role related to software visual and interactive design, this should still be a great series for you to watch; you will get amazing insights into the research and the process that our teams go through to build stunning, award-winning experiences like the ones you have seen in Zune HD, and will see in Windows Phone.

    I have organized them in the order we presented them, but you can watch them in any order you want.  Just make sure you watch them all.

    Ana and Miles, the Windows Phone personas (  Tracey Lovejoy, 3:33 )
    The Metro Design Language, the inspiration  ( Jeff Fong, 29:48)
    Deconstructing a Windows Phone application part 1: Controls  (  Rhon Manlapaz,  Ryan Bickel, 17:40)
    Deconstructing a Windows Phone application part2: Animation ( Jeff Arnold,  34:22 )
    Deconstructing a Windows Phone application, part 3: Target Sizes (  Tirthankar Sengupta,  13:39 )
    Deconstructing a Windows Phone application, part 4: Globalization (Ayman Raslan, Franklin Yow : 37:45 )
    Deconstructing a Windows Phone application, part 6: Perceived performance  (19:45 )
    Designer insights into Panorama and Pivot ( Chad Roberts, Amy Alberts, 32:18)
    Making Audio Sing on Windows Phone (Matthew Bennett, 34:26 )
    Windows Phone Voice ( Karen Kesler, 32:00 )
    Designer Resources: Expression Blend Overview and Roadmap ( Celso Gomes, Peter Blois, 41:20 )
    Designer Resources:  Windows Phone Documentation ( Chris Kilbourn, 11:18 )
    Designer Resources: Windows Phone Design Templates ( Chad Roberts, 04:01 )

    If after watching all these insightful videos you feel inspired and want to get started,  go check this post with links to all the designer reso urces for Windows Phone. 

    Happy Windows Phone coding!

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    Windows Phone 7 performance white paper is now online.. got questions?


    Shane Guillet has been working on Silverlight performance since way back when it was called WPF/E...  Shane wasprobably 14 years old then :)

    Recently, he wrote this great white paper on how to monitor and optimize performance on Windows Phone 7 apps.  
    Even if you are a performance expert, this is a great read, because Shane gets into the optimizations we have made on the platform, and how you can take advantage of these (e.g. with caching or simple animations on render thread) and he also gets into the hardware limitations (after all, it is a phone, not a PC).

    I actually was scheduled to interview Shane yesterday on Channel 9 to go over his demos and tips, but we had camera issues so we post-poned to monday..  If you have questions after readign the paper, send them my way and I can ask him...   Regardless check back in a week for the video, if the camera gods are friendly to us, we will have that here soon..

    Happy Windows Phone coding..

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    WPF ribbon has been released..


    Congratulations to the WPF team in shipping the WPF ribbon control…

    You can download it, from:

    Highlights from their announcement:

    · New Controls – We have numerous new controls in this release of Ribbon such as, RibbonGallery, RibbonComboBox, RibbonMenuButton, RibbonSplitButton, QuickAccessToolbar, etc.

    · MVVM – Ribbon now facilitates MVVM-centric applications

    · KeyTips – The new Ribbon now implements this new accessibility feature to allow full control using the keyboard

    · Resizing – Our resizing approach has come a long way since the CTP version.  We have default logic that resizes controls inside the Ribbon to render the best visual appearance and orientation

    · Design-time – This release includes design-time support for Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4. This includes a project template for a ‘WPF Ribbon Application’, an item template for a ‘Ribbon Window’, and Ribbon controls in the toolbox such as, RibbonButton, RibbonToggleButton, RibbonMenuButton, etc.

    I have been heads down on phone for the last four months, so I have not played with ribbon recently, but they had every thing they describe above back then, so enjoy it!!

    By the way, they also relaxed the licensing;  the control it will be in the platform in the next WPF release, and does not require Office UI licensing.

    Happy ribbon coding!!    If you create a cool demo please let me know or leave it on the comments. 

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