November, 2007

  • Jakub@Work

    V4 Planning


    I am in the middle of working on changes for V4 to the SDK and am looking for feedback on the current iteration, and what things you would like me to add/change. Please comment on what things you like, don't like, what things are difficult or easy to use and what functionality you feel is missing. Your feedback is much appreciated and considered for the next release.

  • Jakub@Work

    Two New(er) Blog Resources


    It's great how more and more people from the development team are blogging now, hopefully helping alleviate the lack of documentation of some of the more in-depth/advanced topics around SCOM. I've added two new links to the blog and you can also find them here:



    Notes on System Center Operations Manager

    The first is a blog from Sam Patton, a developer who works mainly on modules, and is a great resource for those looking for more information on how to use various modules in SCOM. The second is from Marius Sutara, a developer on the core infrastructure team, and can be referenced for a wide array of SCOM related issues, especially when related the to health service.

    Update : Fixed first link.

  • Jakub@Work

    SP1 RC Released Today


    The RC of SP1 is being released today and can be downloaded from here. Upgrade from RC to RTM is supported. There is also new dedicated newsgroup to SP1 related issues: Microsoft.public.opsmgr.sp1.

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